Portsmouth & South Downs
Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Saturday 18 May 2024

📢  Nakba 76: National demo for Palestine
      transport from Portsmouth

We must keep marching for Palestine.

Join us as we mark the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians, three-quarters of Palestinian population, from their homeland in 1947/8, and the subsequent denial of their right to return.

For over 76 years, Israel’s settler-colonial project has fragmented the Palestinian people by geography and legal status, denied Palestinian refugees their right to return to their lands, and has entrenched a regime of control that systematically discriminates against Palestinians in all aspects of life.  Israel’s current genocide is built on the foundations of this project.

March to demand an end to the genocide, an end to Israel’s regime of apartheid, and the implementation of the right of return for all Palestinians.

🚌  Travel with us
    We will drop you off close to the assembly point for the march
    and collect you from close to the rally at the finish.

🎫  Ticket options
    £ 20   standard
    £ 10   union member, student or unwaged
      £ 5   under 18
    £ 30   solidarity price, for those who can afford it, to help us cover our costs

🚍  Pick-up locations and times
    ▪  Near The Hard at 8.30 am · 45-50 Queen Street · PO1 3HX · westbound bus stop
    ▪  Students Union at 8.35 am · Cambridge Road · PO1 2EF · bus stop opposite The Union
    ▪  Fratton Bridge at 8.40 am · Fratton Road · PO1 5AB · bus stop outside Efes Kebabs
    ▪  Hilsea at 8.45 am · London Road · PO2 9RJ · Trafalgar School bus stop opposite Unite
    ▪  Cosham at 8.55 am · Northern Road · PO6 3AB · bus stop opposite the Health Centre

🕢  We aim to get everyone back to Portsmouth by 7.30pm.

💳  Reserve seats at ppsc.uk/bus

Wednesday 29 May

🎬  Film showing:  FARHA

Join us at the Southsea Cinema for a screening and discussion of the Academy Award nominee and multiple award-winning film, Farha.

Written and directed by Darin J Sallam, Farha is a drama inspired by true events in Palestine in 1948.

Tensions are rising following the withdrawal of British troops, but Farha, the smart daughter of the mayor of a small village, unaware of the imminent catastrophe, dreams of going to study in the big city...

A discussion of the film will follow the showing.

🎞  Watch the trailer on Youtube:

📌  Location:
    Southsea Community Cinema,
    1-3 Palmerston Road,
    Southsea, PO5 3QQ

🕖  Time:
    Wednesday 29 May at 7pm

🎫  Ticket options
    £ 7.50   standard
    £ 6.50   senior citizen
    £ 6.50   student
    £ 5.50   Portsmouth Film Society member

💚  A portion of the proceeds will go to the Portsmouth & South Downs Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

💳  Buy tickets at: ppsc.uk/film

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